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3D Laser Surveying and Building Information Modeling Services

We use 3D metrology for your facility planning, virtual engineering, and building construction needs. ECM engineers can create integrating 3D models and related engineering tools such as analysis, simulation, optimization, and full facility layouts for a variety of architectural, engineering, and construction industries.

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3D Scanning for Construction BIM and Surveying

Building Information Modeling is changing how assembly lines are planned, built and managed. Using the latest in scanning technology, ECM can create a digital record of the customer’s facility before and after the install. This service is new to many of our customers, but once introduced you will wonder how you existed without it.


The Benefits of Metrology for BIM Applications

There are several benefits to utilizing laser scanning technology when it comes to building information modeling or management, commonly referred to as BIM. The 3D surveying scanners used by ECM take digital images of their surroundings while scanning points with extreme accuracy. These digital images are matched to the scan yielding a true view of the existing conditions. Three dimensional modeling and animated videos can be created to emphasize key characteristics of as-built conditions. Popular applications of BIM include interior scans of equipment and facility layouts as well as large scale infrastructure projects and shipyard applications.

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The Metrology Behind The BIM

Understanding the objectives of the customer sets the stage for establishing equipment type, scanning technique, modeling process, and customer goals.

The BIM Process

At ECM we begin every project with a customer visit and a full evaluation of the project scope. This is the most important part of the process. Click here to learn how our team can help yours!

Geospatial Architectural Application Portfolio

Let us help you with your 3D Laser Scanning, Geospatial Surveying and Civil Engineering needs. ECM has experience in a variety of projects in the industry.