Wind Turbine Blade Inspection Services

Wind Turbine Blade Inspection | Onsite 3D Laser Scanning | Contract Scanning Services

wind-turbine-inspectionThe wind industry continues to grow rapidly and it becomes more important than ever to stay on top of maintenance costs that account for over 25% of the annual costs associated with a wind farm. Instead of reactive and repair services, ECM's experienced technicians can step in from the very beginning to help you with preventative wind turbine blade care. ECM engineers travel the world to work on large turbines and steam generation components for the production of energy. We have performed surveys underground at hydroelectric dams and hundreds of feet in the air to service wind turbine units. Our services have played important roles to reduce downtime and to improve efficiency at many power plants and wind farms worldwide.

Want to inspect it yourself? We also rent out our wind turbine blade inspection equipment. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs. 

You Should Schedule A Wind Turbine Service Estimate If:

  • Your current wind turbine blades are coming off of warranty
  • You are planning to or in current initial construction phases of building a wind farm
  • You’ve noticed unidentified noises or vibrations within your wind turbine blades 
  • You experience infrastructure damage due to acts of Mother Nature 
  • You’re due for an annual blade inspection