Construction Survey Drawings

Construction Survey Drawings

When renovating an existing building, accurate shop drawings are of prime importance, yet can be time consuming to prepare. Laser scanning allows quick and precise documentation of existing conditions, providing 3D digital data that will serve as a basis for construction drawing submittals that exceed expectations.





Site Dimension Verifications

Using 3d high definition scanners and laser trackers, various components of construction sites are quickly documented providing 3d dimensional verification for as built conditions to insure proper fit of items such as windows, seating or panel systems.


Masonry Replacement and Repointing

Square area and lineal footage of masonry and joint replacements are accurately verified using 3d scanning of existing masonry walls. The resulting point cloud data files clearly show joint locations and areas of masonry are easily marked for removal and replacement.


Ornament Replication

Hand scanners provide in-place digital replication of architectural ornament without disturbing the integrity of the surrounding area. The existing piece can remain set within the building fabric, avoiding the possibility of moisture or structural issues during the construction process.