Metrology Automation and Systems Integration


ECM seeks out highly experienced and recognized industry leaders in fabrication of automation hardware and tooling systems to partner with ECM. This ensures that we leverage the extensive resources and capabilities of our partners to improve the level of technical excellence and speed of development necessary to meet the critical timelines and demands of our customers. This approach has demonstrated time and again that the final product is far superior to a company that attempts to be a jack of all trades but lacks the necessary expertise in areas critical to the successful automation design or integration, particularly in the metrology selection. Automating measurements in an assembly environment reduces production time and simplifies skill requirements. ECM’s experienced team provides customized services based on your assembly process and alignment needs, partnering with you from start to finish.

Challenges in Automation

Manufacturers embrace the concept of “automation” but often are frustrated that the process of integrating positioners, jacks, robotics and moving assembly lines lack the accuracy, speed and coordination of the original manual process. In particular, the automation system doesn’t meet the necessary position awareness or has the incorrect metrology technology to achieve the demanding tolerances of a customer’s assembly process. This is where ECM Global can make the difference between a failed and costly attempt at automation and a highly successful and cost effective integration that meets or exceeds a customer’s requirements.

ECM Automation Solutions

  • System Components (complete metrology system including hardware and software)
  • Targeting (aka Control Network, which provides highly accurate and stable reference points for locating the tracker and the large components being assembled. So the most accurate data will be embedded)
  • Equipment Layout – which includes Line of Sight (LOS) Analysis
  • Automation and Software Development where we also teach you:
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Positioning System Coordination

ECM Integration Solutions

  • Automation Process Flow
  • Work Instructions (Step by step directions for operators/technicians)
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Hardware Installation and Instrument Checks
  • System Testing (software simulation)
  • Documentation (We provide you with user-friendly, practical documentation that will assist you on the job.)
  • Training & Support
    • Classes for 3 levels of Users
    • Helpful training materials provided: Manuals, classroom overheads, training aids (sample objects and tutorials)
    • Local Support Technicians, Spare Parts and On-Call Engineering Resources


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