Part-to-CAD Modeling Services


Utilizing leading industry laser scanner technology combined with extremely comprehensive and intuitive Solidworks ™software, ECM delivers an advanced data collection technique that can't be beat. These laser scanners can collect massive amounts of data in a highly accurate 3D point cloud. The ability to combine our 3D laser scanning technology with our elite engineering and design services, gives ECM the advantage. The accuracy and repeatability achieved through this method allows ECM engineers to model both large and small objects with the highest resolution.

Once the legacy part has been measured, ECM prepares the data for import into the 3D CAD package of your choice. We have the most current software available for seamless and native data transfer. With thorough and careful modeling practices, our designers create exacting models matching the measured data. Our designers are extremely diligent comparing the scanned data to the CAD model to verify accuracy. After the models are verified, the files are saved in the desired format. Drawings can then be prepared from these 3D CAD models.

3D Printing & Reverse Engineering Applications

Reverse Engineering a mechanical component requires an accurate 3D measurement with enough detail for it to be reproduced into a CAD model. At ECM our varying technology can digitize large and small objects with speed and accuracy. The captured data points are used to create a digital model within a reverse engineering software solution. Our designers are experts in modeling standard 2D & 3D part features, as well as complex surfaces. We provide files in all formats and levels of detail. ECM can also create manufacturing drawings conforming to ASME Y14.5-2009 specifications.


Using a combination of laser trackers, total stations, and terrestrial laser scanners, ECM Engineering Services is able to capture data for large-scale projects with unrivaled accuracy and simplicity. Large and small, engineering and architectural projects are what we do on a day-to-day basis. The RE process starts with a complete measurement of the original part. After reviewing part size and accuracy requirements, ECM’s engineering and inspection teams select the appropriate measurement tools. For scanning parts with contours and complex shapes, the job is matched to the appropriately sized scanning equipment. All of our equipment is calibrated per ISO/IEC 17025 specifications and traceable to national standards.

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