Informational Metrology Articles

Browse our informational metrology articles ranging from metrology terminology to how to get management to fund your metrology training. 

Quality Starts with Annual Measuring Instrument Calibrations

Eliminating factors that may provide inaccurate data plays a very important role in any quality control department.

How to Get Management to Fund Metrology Training

Offering Metrology Training and Certification for all users. How to get management investing in your metrology training and certification today.

Best Practices in BIM

Best Practices in BIM. You need to first have your process in place before you engage in a large BIM project. Let ECM lead the way.

Automate Your Measurement Process

ECM will evaluate and provide a thorough process evaluation by integrating your existing measurement systems into an automated application.

Applying 3D Scanning Technology to Geospatial Applications

The potential and on-going uses of large volume laser scanning are being taken advantage of in your industry.

Outsourcing Your Metrology Services

Whether you are a manufacturer, a supplier, or small job shop, quality control standards are continuing to increase within factory walls.

Top 10 Things to Look for in a GOOD Metrology Service Provider

You’ve made the decision to outsource your metrology needs, now you need to find the right metrology service provider. You've come to right place.

Using Metrology Terminology

When it comes to Metrology, there is an incredible disconnect in the specific terminology used by our customers.