3D Laser Scanning & Alignment Services


Objects that cannot be moved easily from their environment or shipped to a service provider to be inspected in a lab are usually referred to as large-scale parts or large-volume objects. Capturing a 3D scan of an object allows for converting that object into a digitized computer-aided model otherwise known as a CAD model.

For large inspection applications, a long-range 3D laser scanner, laser tracker or laser radar is often used to capture large amounts of data in a short period of time. Articulating arms or portable CMMs as they are often referred to, are extremely useful for large objects with intricate details. We have the top name brand tools and latest technology available to accomplish the task in the most accurate and efficient manner. 

Field Services

3D Laser Scanning Services

ECM’s field engineers are available to report directly onsite for short and long-term 3D scanning projects. The ability to bring our expertise directly to your location is what has made ECM an industry leader in metrology services since it’s founding in 2001.

Onsite Scanning Services for Large 3D Measurement Applications 

leica-applicationExamples of large volume scan objects would be aircraft, vehicles, yachts or ships, power generation equipment including nuclear plants, large tooling and other load-bearing structures like bridges and buildings. We specialize in large-volume 3D laser scanning applications. Our experienced engineers bring the measurement equipment best suited for the application right to the job site and stay for as long as it takes to capture the data needed in order to conduct the post-processing and reporting of the data. 

Data Collection

  • As-built measurements for design & verification
  • Data acquisition for modeling and post-processing
  • Point Clouds & XYZ data points


  • First Article Inspection
  • In-process Inspection
  • Periodic Inspection
  • Gage RR

Machine Alignment

  • Equipment Installation
  • Generator Alignment
  • Aircraft and Antenna Boresighting
  • Rail Alignment and Installation

Tool Building

  • Tool/Part design & certification
  • Assembly & Installation
  • CAD Modeling


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    Jonathan did a great job helping with the alignment of our runways for the worlds largest 3D printer, we look forward to working with ECM again in the future!