3D Metrology Solutions for Every Industry


Today’s exceptionally accurate and super-high-speed metrology hardware and software has been a great benefit for untold numbers of organizations, with applications suitable for diverse sectors such as aerospace, medical, automotive, archaeological research and restoration, building information modeling (BIM), and many others. Although manufacturers generally have adequate tools, and staff with the metrology experience to use them, for many applications best-in-class equipment and world-class metrologists are required. That’s where metrology service providers come in.

Metrology service companies such as ECM provide original equipment manufacturers with talented metrologists and the best instrumentation and software in the field. Hardware such as portable coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), laser trackers, structured-light scanners, and vision systems can handle any test or inspection job. Reverse engineering, which in this context means measuring an object or part for the purposes of creating a digitized 3D model, is a common requirement for advanced manufacturing, but it’s resource-intense in both personnel and equipment. Service providers handle this function for their clients, traveling around the world on short notice with equipment in hand, measuring large parts at clients’ facilities. Part of the service often includes creating solid models and inspection reports.

Browse our metrology service solutions for a wide range of industries.

Aerospace Engineering Services

Offering aerospace engineering services and fully-integrated metrology software and hardware solutions for the aerospace system manufacturing industry

Automotive Engineering Services

Offering automotive engineering solutions by applying quick and accurate 3D laser scanning technology to assist in automotive manufacturing.

Defense Engineering Services

We have a demonstrated track record of working with all branches of the military as well as with civilian contractors on defense projects.

Energy 3D Scanning Services

ECM engineers are certified to travel the world performing surveys on large turbines and steam generation components for the production of energy.

Forensic Metrology

ECM offers metrology solutions for Forensics, presenting legal systems with more accurate and reliable results when standing against a judge and jury.

Medical 3D Scanning Services

Offering 3D scanning services to the medical industry and the leading service provider for Proton Therapy Treatment Centers across the U.S.

Shipbuilding Engineering Services

Offering Shipbuilding Engineering Services by 3D laser scanning complete hulls, measuring deck features, and performing turbine shaft alignments.


A large supporter of STEM and STEM Education, ECM provides full service metrology solutions, training and support for all educational institutions.