Tooling, Jig and Fixture Inspection and Certification

Jig and Fixture Alignment

Tool and Jix FixturesIndustries using jigs and fixtures are used in the manufacturing process for exacting positioning to ensure proper fabrication and assembly tolerance of a part. The setting and control features (e.g. stop pins, clamp pads and stop holes) on the jigs and fixtures require precise alignment of these critical features during construction and verification. ECM alignment solutions offer on-site positional accuracy of jig and fixture geometry.   

Whether it’s position accuracy of a machine tool, large aircraft section in a final body-to-body join assembly, drive-shaft to paper mill rollers, hydroelectric turbines, fixtures, and jigs ECM offers a wide range of on-site signature precision alignment solutions. 

The tighter tolerances and faster production speeds increasingly needed by today’s industries demands precision alignments. We will identify and resolve alignment problems quickly, efficiently and with precision.