3D Model Archives for Historic Buildings

3D Model Archives for Historic Buildings

Scanning, in conjunction with specialized 360 degree photography and photogrammetry, will create 3D digital records of museum collections and displays. In addition to providing an excellent record for insurance purposes, the files can be placed on line for website viewing, allowing more interaction of your collection with the public and academia.  





Object Studies

Using specialized high resolution hand scanning devices, objects in your collection can be scanned to form a highly detailed 3d digital dataset. This data can be enhanced in the computer, allowing for close study of items such as tooling marks or weathering. A 3d file of the object can be placed on a website, able to be rotated for multiple view angles for online study.


Virtual Walkthrough of Collections

Scanning of galleries and large display halls will produce a 3d dataset that can be placed online for a virtual tour of the collections.