AEC Scanning Company Profile

A Full Service AEC 3D Scanning Company

East Coast Metrology, LLC (recognized as ECM – Global Measurement Solutions), is a privately owned company delivering quality dimensional metrology, 3D scanning, and engineering support services to a diverse range of industries at a global level. The company has experienced steady growth since it was founded in 2001 by Gary Confalone, current President and CEO. 

ECM offers 3D Laser Scanning to the AEC industries, providing select services tailored to best serve this clientele. 3D Laser Scanning technology allows us to gather accurate survey grade data for complex sites that may be inaccessible to survey by conventional methods. Scanning minimizes time spent in the field while keeping engineers and field crews safe. 3D laser scan sensors distribute harmless laser beams to all objects in its field of view to collect dense point data. The resulting processed and aligned point cloud data is then used to produce 2D CAD drawings, Digital Terrain Models, and 3D models and renderings. Laser scanning has an incredible amount of viability for documenting both building and land surfaces. ECM has successfully used 3D scanning on a variety of projects, especially those where difficult accessibility creates safety concerns such as high‐rise structures, piping, electrical plants and on high‐traffic roadways.

Gary ConfaloneGary Confalone has been working in the metrology industry for the past 20 plus years. He began his career as a Systems Engineer at Sikorsky Aircraft. At Sikorsky Gary was an active member of the American Helicopter Society, where he was involved in laser metrology research as it applied to the production of the Army’s RAH-66 Comanche Helicopter. He received the Inventor's Recognition Award from Sikorsky Aircraft where he spent close to a decade developing various laser based measurement and boresighting systems in support of the Comanche, Special Ops Blackhawk, Navalhawk, and S-92 programs. After leaving Sikorsky and moving to Boston, Gary became the East Coast Sales Engineer for SpatialMetrix Corp. (SMX), and then went on to become the Director of Business Development for Laser Projection Technologies. Gary received a Bachelors of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts with a minor in optical physics. He continued his graduate studies in optical physics and engineering earning a Masters of Science Degree in Engineering from Boston University. Today, many years later, Gary is the CEO of East Coast Metrology (ECM). Gary exercises an extreme passion for STEM related initiatives and is an advocate for creating a higher awareness for women in the metrology industry. Gary currently serves as Past Chairperson and is an active member of the Coordinate Metrology Society and the Certification Sub-Committee.


John Smits (Former President/CEO of Actus3D) is the new Vice President of ECM’s AEC 3D Scanning Division. Educated at the University of Virginia’s Architecture school and receiving a Masters degree in Architecture from Washington University, he is a multi-state licensed architect with over 35 years’ experience in the design and construction industry. John founded Actus3d, a New York metro-based provider of 3D laser scan services. He has been a lecturer at various scanning conferences and written articles in leading trade publications on the use and application of scanning data within the AEC industry. Under his guidance, ECM's newly expanded AEC 3D Scanning Division will utilize methodologies developed specifically for applying 3D laser scan data to the architecture, engineering and construction professions, focusing on its use in both documentation and the forensic study of buildings and structures.

Why Choose ECM AEC 3D Scanning Services

Certified Metrology Professionals

Our team of engineers is not only armed with experience, but every engineer has a degree in the field, or related to the science of measurement. In addition to those credentials, the majority of ECM engineers are also certified in the field of metrology.

Globally Positioned

We have local offices spanning east coast to west coast for your convenience. We also pride ourselves in the ability to have engineers world-wide that can be dispatched to most locations within 12 hours! Our office hours are from 8:00am-5:00pm est, but we offer our metrology services 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience. 

Comprehensive Inspection Reports

We offer incredibly comprehensive and easy-to-interpret inspection reports and drawings to assure that your projects meet proper standards and requirements. All reports are completed in-house immediately following the job and often returned to the customer within days of the completed work.

Top Industry Brands

We use equipment and software from metrology industry leaders. We recognize that our skilled engineers are only as good as the equipment they use for 3D scanning. ECM will always ensure that the reports you receive will contain the most accurate results complying to the latest industry standards.

Mission and Vision

ECM is committed to providing leading services using the latest technology in the metrology and engineering industries. As a full metrology service company, employees are an important investment in our future. As the company continues to grow, it will attract the best and brightest individuals to achieve an intellectual advantage and reputation for incomparable service. Having the right plan and goals, ECM will always maintain commitment to the delivery of an innovative and personalized suite of services and solutions that consistently meets or exceeds industry standards.

For architects, engineers and construction professionals who rely on high precision measurement and documentation support services, ECM provides professional metrology services across multiple industries. These services integrate production processes with reliable, high-tech tools, multi-disciplined technicians and user-friendly data to create deliverables with proven value. Our continuing work for both contractors and architects gives us weekly insight into the ever-changing needs of the profession, and how scanning technology can assist them as they integrate real life 3d modeling into their projects. ECM stands firm in its commitment to meeting our customer’s project and production needs from start to finish.