Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Training: Level Two

Course Description

A four day training course intended for engineers, machinists, inspectors and like fields who need to understand the theory and practice of GD&T. The learning will be provided in the form of a presentation where discussion will be a primary focus. Question and answer sessions will take place during the course to ensure knowledge and understanding.

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Date 5/18/20 - 5/21/20
Time 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Aims & Objectives

  • To apply geometric tolerancing in a consistent and systematic manner
  • Ensure a specification is complete and avoid common mistakes
  • To learn how to read geometric tolerances in a logical and systematic way
  • Recognize common errors and incomplete specifications

Benefits to the learner

  • Understand the concept of GD&T
  • Identify the difference between the GD&T categories
  • Be able to describe GD&T characteristics and relate them to actual parts and measurements
  • Be able to use the knowledge gained to plan, discuss and perform GD&T controlled measurements
  • Be able to perform Positional tolerance calculations

Course Outline

Introduction: GD&T and Drawing Practice

GD&T Related Principles

  • Standards and governing organizations
  • Measurement uncertainty
  • Feature Control Frames
  • Datums
  • Constrained and Free State
  • Basic dimensions
  • Limits on dimensions and tolerances
  • Controlled Radius
  • Tolerances per unit length

Tolerances of Form

  • Straightness
  • Flatness
  • Roundness
  • Cylindricity

Tolerances of Orientation

  • Parallelism
  • Perpendicularity
  • Angularity

Tolerances of Location

  • Position
  • Position with Feature MMC
  • Position with Datum MMC
  • Position with LMC
  • Projected Tolerance Zones
  • Concentricity
  • Symmetry

Tolerances of Runout

  • Circular Runout
  • Total Runout

Tolerances of Profile

  • Profile of a line
  • Profile of a surface

Composite Tolerances of Location

  • Composite Tolerance Frames
  • Multiple Single Frames

Coordinate Measurement and GD&T

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