Portable Coordinate Measurement Systems Training

Course Description

A two day training course designed for users of portable coordinate measurement systems. The learner will understand the fundamental principles and best practice, respond to measurement results and related uncertainty and appreciate the different types of portable coordinate measurement systems available.

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Time 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Aims & Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental principles and best practice
  • Respond to measurement results and related uncertainty
  • Appreciate the different types of coordinate measurement systems available

Benefits to the learner

  • Recognize Portable Coordinate Measurement Systems and Large Volume Metrology
  • Understand the need to visualize and measure in 3D
  • Differentiate between Portable Coordinate Measurement & Large Volume Metrology
  • Question the measurement application and make recommendations for improvement

Course Outline

Historical Development

  • CMMs
  • Photogrammetry
  • Portability

The World in 3D

  • Visualization
  • Coordinate Systems
  • Alignment
  • Fitting
  • Transformations

Articulated Arm CMMs

  • Principles of Operation
  • Leapfrogging and Reference Grids
  • Working Guidelines

Laser Trackers

  • Principles of Operation
  • Relocations
  • Working Guidelines

Total Stations

  • Principles of Operation


  • Principles of Operation
  • Fixed Base Systems

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