CAM2 FARO Portable Arm Training

Course Description

FARO’s CAM2 Measure X and CAM2 Measure 10 are inspection software packages for the FARO Arm. They are engineered for computer-aided measurement supporting 3D feature measurement/inspection and CAD-to-part comparison.

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Aims & Objectives

  • The instructor will work with students to define or influence a metrology process providing controlled dimensional quality in engineering and manufacturing of an application specific to the students’ work environment carried out by using the laser tracker.
  • Students will apply learned topics in the course to practical situations so they gain an appreciation of the nature of the work.
  • The students will work towards defining a systematic approach to establishing the correct methodology and providing a measurement based process for managing an inspection job correctly.

This is done by associating the students’ knowledge of the fundamentals of measurement with the measurement science concepts:

Dimensional Metrology 

  • Introduce measurement uncertainties relative to dimensional metrology, sources of error, and the effect of the measurement environment
  • Define the difference between measurement accuracy and measurement error and tolerance limits
  • Introduce maintaining measurement traceability

Physical Metrology 

  • Application of measurement principles as applied to physical properties; for example, measurement of temperature (ambient and object) and monitoring scale change of the part being inspected
  • Identification of sources of error and applying techniques to minimize error

Quality Control and Inspection 

  • Application of methodologies for analysis of the results in the inspection process
  • Solution of quality problems to the inspection process
  • Reporting methodology to ensure positive and unambiguous transfer of technical information
  • Selected examples of applications: tooling building & certification, part inspection, first article inspection, alignment, and surface profiling.

Course Outline

Measurement Exercises

  • Select Probes
  • Part Measurement – covering basic inspection of simple geometries and examining their relationships (theoretical versus actual measurement)

Measurement Accuracy – Applying Good Measuring Principles

  • Effects of temperature
  • Targets and target offset
  • Environmental effects
  • Physical changes in the part or stand
  • Measurement strategy


  • Simple format
  • Tabular format
  • Quick reporting


  • Inspecting surfaces
  • Freehand scanning
  • Parallel lock planes scan
  • Editing scan data


  • Describing the relationship between two or more features
  • Construct angles, lengths and whiskers

Part Inspection with CAD

  • CAD Data file formats
  • Translating and adding the CAD data
  • CAD to part alignments
  • CAD=Part
  • Iterative alignment (best-fit)
  • Scaling

Moving the FARO Arm (Device) Position

  • Moving the FARO Arm
  • Realigning the FARO Arm with respect to the part
  • Check the quality of the move

DRO Window

  • Dynamic DRO Window


  • Nominal is the design value of a feature
  • Adding nominal values
  • Entering values
  • Importing from CAD
  • Constructing nominal values

Coordinate Frame Systems

  • Common coordinate frame systems
  • Constructing the alignment
  • Feature reducibility
  • Rotation of a coordinate system
  • Translation of a coordinate system

Feature Measurement

  • Types of Features
  • 2D Features
  • 3D Features
  • Measuring geometric features
  • Compensating for measured features
  • Plane compensation
  • compensation of a 2D feature
  • Checking the Validity of the Data Collected
  • Geometric Constructions

Probe Calibration and FARO Arm Certification

  • Calibration and certification
  • What is calibration?
  • FARO Arm
  • Probes
  • What is certification?
  • Is the FARO Arm performing within specification?
  • Single Point Method
  • Probe calibration
  • XYZ location
  • Probe calibration error
  • Single Hole Method
  • Sphere Method

Introduction to CAM2 Measure

  • Starting CAM2 Measure
  • Screen layout
  • Graphics field
  • DRO Window
  • Pull-down menus
  • Toolbar buttons
  • Prompt Bar
  • Status Bar
  • Hotkeys
  • Measurement Device (FARO Arm) Setup – establish communication

Hardware Overview – FARO Arm

  • FARO Arm Control Station
  • Setting up the FARO Arm
  • Connecting to the computer
  • Referencing the encoders
  • FARO Arm Handle Buttons

Software Installation

  • CAM2 Measure
  • Hardware lock driver
  • Support documentation

Introduction to Coordinate Geometry

  • What is a coordinate frame system?
  • 2D geometry
  • 3D geometry
  • Right Hand Rule
  • Translating a coordinate frame system
  • Rotating a coordinate frame system
  • Establishing control points – using them as a reference to check drift and move the measuring device
  • Measuring the part
  • Establishing an alignment
  • Translating and adding the CAD data
  • Setting an iterative alignment
  • Constructing geometries
  • Switching between Coordinate Frame Systems
  • Moving FARO Arm position
  • Printing and saving a report

Care of the FARO Arm

  • Transportation
  • Storage

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