Spatial Analyzer Software Training: Level Two

Spatial Analyzer Software Training: Level Two

Course Description

This intermediate level course provides students with advanced fundamentals of measurement with the emphasis on the application of the measurement science concepts. 

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Aims & Objectives

  • Introduce measurement uncertainties relative to dimensional metrology, sources of error, and the effect of the measurement environment
  • Define the difference between measurement accuracy and measurement error and tolerance limits
  • Introduce maintaining measurement traceability and physical metrology
  • Application of measurement principles as applied to physical properties; for example, measurement of temperature (ambient and object) and monitoring scale change of the part being inspected
  • Identification of sources of error and applying techniques to minimize error
  • Quality Control and Inspection
  • Application of methodologies for analysis of the results in the inspection process
  • Solution of quality problems to the inspection process
  • Reporting methodology to ensure positive and unambiguous transfer of technical information
  • Selected examples of applications: tooling building & certification, part inspection, first article inspection, alignment, and surface profiling.

Benefits to the learner

  • The instructor will work with students to define or influence a metrology process providing controlled dimensional quality in engineering and manufacturing of an application specific to the students’ work environment carried out by using the laser tracker. 
  • Students will apply learned topics in the course to practical situations so they gain an appreciation of the nature of the work.
  • The students will work towards defining a systematic approach to establishing the correct methodology and providing a measurement based process for managing an inspection job correctly. This is done by associating the students’ knowledge of the fundamentals of measurement with the measurement science concepts

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Course Outline

Software Installation

  • Spatial Analyzer Application – Professional and Ultimate
  • Hardware lock driver
  • Support documentation

Instrument Introduction

  • Hardware Overview
  • Components of the instrument
  • Setup and packing of the instrument

Instrument fundamentals – Laser Tracker or Arm

  • Operating condition and accuracy of the instrument
  • Compensation
  • Maintenance

Introduction to Spatial Analyzer (SA) Graphical user interface

  • Template files
  • File import/export
  • Global settings (user options)
  • Coordinate frames
  • Adding/running Instruments
  • Collecting Measurements
  • Geometric construction and analysis
  • Instrument moves
  • Best fit methods and scaling
  • Multiple instruments
  • Auto-measurement
  • Real-time measure/build mode: Watch Windows
  • Creating Relationships: examination of position and/or orientation between entities in SA
  • Reporting

Measurement Exercises

  • Instrument Interface Introduction
  • Adding the instrument and running the instrument interface
  • Menus
  • Measurement profiles
  • Target database

Part Measurement

  • Covering basic inspection of simple geometries and examining their relationships
  • Establishing control points – using them as a reference to check drift and relocate the instrument
  • Measuring the part
  • Working with coordinate frames
  • Fitting geometries to the measurements, offset and relationships
  • Reporting the results

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