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Quality Show 2019 Exam & Preparatory Class Registration

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ECM will host a custom preparation course at this year's Quality Show along with TWO separate Level-One CMS Exams; one for Portable 3D Metrologists and one for Traditional CMM Experts. The preparation course is designed to reinforce the student’s knowledge with course objectives mapped to the level-one assessment topic areas for the CMS Metrology Certification Examination. Students can take the exam during the show. The Quality Show takes place October 22-24, 2019 in Rosemont, IL.


Career-enhancing credentials earned through the Coordinate Metrology Society’s (CMS) Certification program can set you apart in the metrology industry. Level-One and Level-Two Certification assessments for measurement professionals are designed to recognize key skills and knowledge essential to the workplace today. 


The Level-One examination is a proctored and secure online assessment consisting of approximately 200 multiple choice questions covering foundational theory and practice common to most portable (PCMM) and traditional (CMM) 3D Metrology devices. Candidates for this certification must submit an application, meet eligibility requirements, sign the CMS code of ethics, and pass a peer review.

Assessment test questions will measure knowledge of metrology fundamentals identified in five job-duty areas listed below:

  • Interpretation of Design Documents
  • Measurement Device Knowledge
  • Pre-measurement Planning
  • Measurement Operations
  • Data Analysis & Ethics

Please register below to attend our CMS Preparatory Course at the Quality Show on October 22-24, 2019 in Rosemont, IL.

Classes will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday of the show from 9:00am-4:00pm (one hour lunch included). Tuesday's class will take the exam on Wednesday and Wednesday's class will take the exam on Thursday. Applications and References are not required to be submitted prior to taking the exam, but the fee of $750 MUST be paid in full. Students will not receive their metrology certification until all documents have been submitted and requirements have been met. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We will see you at the show. 

Prior to starting the application process, please review the basic requirements for the certification.

The basic requirements for a Level-One Certified 3D Metrologist are:

  • A professional who uses portable (PCMM) or traditional (CMM) 3D metrology technology to collect measurements and interpret data from a variety of contact and non-contact 3D measurement devices.
  • Two years of experience in 3D metrology, one year of which was in a position of responsibility demonstrating professional knowledge and competence.
  • References from three people who are holding, or who have held, responsible positions in metrology and have first-hand knowledge of the applicant’s professional and personal qualifications.
  • Declaration of compliance with the Code of Ethics of the Coordinate Metrology Society.
  • Successful completion of the certification Application for CMS Level-One Certification.

*Candidates may sit for the certification exam prior to the review and acceptance of the application credentials, but the processing fee of $750 MUST be paid in full prior to taking the exam. Students will not be eligible to be granted as a CMS Certified 3D Metrologist until the application process is complete and accepted.

Knowledge-Based Exam Applications

Cost: $750 (Includes Training & Certification)


LEVEL ONE - CMM (Traditional)