Metrology Education and STEM

Educating the next generation is extremely important to ECM, so we actively host and attend many educational events each year, whether it is training, or simply showing a group of young eager minds what we do in our everyday job as 3D metrologists. There is nothing more rewarding than hearing students in the cafeteria enthusiastically telling their friends about the laser scanners or infrared cameras that they got to use. “I never even knew this stuff existed!” are the kinds of comments you’ll hear.

ECM is particularly passionate about one special event—the New Hampshire’s Annual Girls Technology Day. This event is coordinated every spring by the New Hampshire Department of Education (DOE) in conjunction with the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH). We were first invited to attend by NH Volunteer of the Year recipient William Hinton, a man whose volunteer work with students of all ages is unparalleled. Hinton’s passion is metrology and his gift is teaching others. The Girls Technology Program began in 2013 with 120 girls from high schools throughout New Hampshire participating in ten workshops.

ECM's passion for the education industry doesn't stop there. We also provide full service metrology solutions for all educational institutions, from large volume scanning to surveying and infrastructure and engineering design. 

Metrology Services for the Education Industry Include:

  • Surveying and Building Information Modeling
  • Large Volume 3D Laser Scanning
  • 3D Modeling and Inspection
  • Metrology Training
  • Volunteer Educational Outreach Events

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