Energy 3D Scanning Services

3D Scanning for Power Generation and Nuclear Energy

ECM engineers travel the world to work on large turbines and steam generation components for the production of energy. We have performed surveys underground at hydroelectric dams and hundreds of feet in the air to service wind turbine units. Our services have played important roles to reduce downtime and to improve efficiency at many powerplants.

ECM engineers are certified to work in Nuclear Power Plants throughout the US and Canada. Overseas applications are performed to internationally accepted standards. ECM is the calibration provider for on-site instrument calibration for many of North Americas Power Plants. Contact ECM for on-site instrument Calibration and Repair as well as Plant Surveys and As-Built Modeling. ECM is an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratory.

  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Wind Turbines
  • Solar Energy
  • Hydro Dams
  • Fossil Fuel Plants
  • Fuel Cell Technology
  • Tidal Energy Production
  • Research in Fusion Energy

Featured Video

Brookfield Renewable Power - Bear Swamp

Bear Swamp needed to replace their current turbines & generators with higher capacity equipment. Since no CAD models or drawings existed for these turbines, ECM was brought in to scan the wicket gates and generate 3D models of the turbines in their as-built condition.

hydroelectric plant