Spatial Analyzer - Path to Automation

Foundations of Spatial Analyzer Measurement Plans -- The Path to Automation

spatialanalyzer-graphic1Metrologists are often faced with measurement processes that are repetitive and time consuming. It’s not uncommon for a set of measurements to be taken repeatedly under different conditions and with different materials in order to maintain quality control. Afterwards, the measurements need to be formatted, analyzed, and reports need to be created for review. How many times have you wished you could push a play button and have the software drive the instruments, take the measurements, and build a report?

Automation is an obvious solution, but the question metrologists often face is:  Is building a Measurement Plan worth the effort, or is it easier to trudge through repetitive, time-consuming tasks?

SpatialAnalyzer (SA) offers two approaches to automation:

1.        Provide the control to automate nearly any operation within SA.

2.        Provide a simple user interface (bypassing the need to learn a new language or set of syntax) that uses a set of discrete actions in a logical stepwise progression.

Learning the process of scripting often deters users from further exploring Measurement Plans and automation, despite the advantages of automation.  Make your life simple and let the experts at ECM write your Measurement Plans for your inspection or automation application.