Architectural Building Documentation Services

Create A Digital 3D & 2D Database for Any Building

Buildings once deemed inaccessible or unsuited for measurement with traditional methods are easily documented using a medium range 3D laser scanner. Processed Point Cloud data, taken interior or exterior, is used as the basis for creating precise high quality 2D & 3D CAD drawings. The high level of detail obtained from point clouds allows for an accurate portrayal of organic and complex architectural elements. In addition to the typical plans and elevations, this enhanced level of detail allows ECM to produce accurate shop drawings of curved and complicated objects.





2D Documentation

Tall facades and complex interiors are quickly and easily documented with full scale measureable data easily imported into CAD programs for production of design and construction documents.


3D BIM Drawings

Scanning large spaces and multiple levels with targeted processing and alignment, ECM produces as-built BIM documents which provide an accurate starting point for design and renovations.


Architecture Details

Using specialized hand scanners in conjunction with medium range laser scanning units creates highly detailed 3d images of architectural ornament, columns and moldings. The resulting datasets enable precise reproduction or repairs of existing details, essential in preserving the integrity of buildings undergoing additions or renovations.