Digitize Building Construction Projects with Surveying

Digitize Building Projects Using Surveying Technology

High definition surveying for construction design, building and management services. The cost efficiency and time savings from using 3d laser scanning has a proven track record. It enables companies to prepare accurate bids, provide safer work sites, and shorten construction time schedules. Let ECM’s wide range of scanning units and software aide in increasing your company’s success and profitability.




3D Virtual Reality Concepts

For your next project interview, consider the advantages of using a 3d interactive display created from laser scanning. The scanning data will give you accurate information to aid in determining bid costs and provide a means to show the client how you use state of the art technology to trim construction schedules and cut costs.


3D As-built Conditions

The 3D data obtained from scanning is a perfect way to create an “as-is” model of current conditions; to serve as an accurate base for design and construction documents. Models are prepared from the scan data, in either Revit or CAD format, ranging from simple surface drawings to complex piping and duct delineations.


Construction Management

Scanning will create an accurate 3D portrayal of your construction impact zone, providing data helpful in deciding where to place a crane or the best path to hoist materials. Large site areas can be scanned and aligned to provide data that easily imports into various CAD programs, to allow your company to safely design and setup the work area.


Clash Detection

Point cloud data is utilized within various 3D modeling software programs to provide a comparison of actual conditions to proposed designs. These clash detection models are invaluable to construction management companies and owners in identifying potential problems and helping to devise solutions prior to construction, eliminating costly field changes.