3D Scanning for Historic Building Restoration

3D Scanning for Historic Building Restoration

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Laser scanning’s ability to accurately and quickly capture complex shapes and surfaces has led to its increasing use in recording historic and landmark structures. From landmarks as diverse as the face of Mount Rushmore to the Long Island Duck, scanning has been used to document in 3D digital format the current physical conditions of surface and details. The processed scan data serves both as a basis for study and a source for measured drawings should replacement or restoration be required. ECM provides specialized equipment and technicians for both interior and exterior scanning of your landmark project. A color camera built into the scanner enables the scan data to be augmented by color photography.  The completed colorized scan dataset will provide a detailed inventory of all artifacts on display and graphically illustrate the present condition of the building. The scan data can also be placed online, allowing for virtual tours and remote study.

In conjunction with scanning, photoplans derived from high quality digital photographs will provide a record of color, materials, texture and the current state of conservation of a building or structure, a valuable tool when planning for restoration or providing a detailed record of a landmark.


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Digital Building Scans - Documentation Services

2D & 3D documents can be accurately derived from scan data, enabling a set of record drawings and a digital database of the existing conditions when surveyed.

3D Modeling for Building Restoration & Preservation

With the use of specialized hand scanning devices, 3D datasets are prepared that enable replication of architectural ornament by 3D printers and CNC machines.

3D Model Archives for Historic Buildings

In conjunction with panoramic photos, scanning provides a digital record for on line learning and study as well as records for insurance and collection inventory.