3D Laser Scanning for Facilities Management

3D Laser Scanning for Digital Documentation of Building Assets & Facilities Management

Facility Site Scanning | Reverse Engineering | MEP Documentation | Assembly Line Alignments

3D Scanning’s precision and broad based data accumulation has helped to increase the scope of facility management, providing data that is integral to establishing on site safety, life cycle analysis and accurate records for maintenance and renovations. It has also become a valued tool in establishing quality controls and assembly alignments within the industrial sector. ECM has been a pioneer in providing quality, technologically advanced scanning services to the industrial sector throughout the United States.


  • 3D Scanning Services
  • Interior & Exterior Digitization
  • Construction Documentation
  • 3D Reality Captures


  • Experienced & Certified Professionals
  • Increased Accuracy & Reduced Costs
  • Flexible & Customized Solutions
  • No Overhead Costs or Training

Facility Site Scanning

Scanning has become an established method to verify as built conditions, allowing coordination of new additions to the existing operations of a facility.

Reverse Engineering for Asset & Facility Management

Utilizing advanced hand scanning devices, existing machine parts can be copied and replicated, ready for digital printing and manufacturing.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Documentation Services

Large scale mechanical rooms can be quickly documented, providing an accurate 3D record of all piping and ductwork readily available.

Assembly Line Alignment

Facilities management has evolved, mainly due to the exponential increase in computer technology and software development.

Surveying Equipment Maintenance for Facility Management

We calibrate theodolites, total stations and laser scanners to make sure your land surveying documentation meets the highest accuracy standards. We calibrate equipment onsite or in our ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Lab.