Architectural Design & 3D Rendering Services

Architectural Design & 3D Rendering Services

3D Laser Scanning | Building Documentation | Alignment Analysis

3D scanning has revolutionized the way Architects and Engineers plan, design and construct buildings in their industry. ECM is with you from the very beginning stages of planning to the final stages of the physical structure. With the combination of technology and expertise in the industry, ECM has both the resources and the manpower to offer a wide range of services for the Architectural industry.


  • 3D Scanning & Rendering Services
  • Interior & Exterior Digitization
  • Construction Documentation
  • 3D Reality Captures


  • Experienced & Certified Professionals
  • Increased Accuracy & Reduced Costs
  • Flexible & Customized Solutions
  • No Overhead Costs or Training

3D Building Renderings

With specialized equipment, we can accommodate scanning on busy streets, crowded equipment rooms, and hard-to-access building areas.

Architectural Drawings with 3D Scanning

3D laser scanning is an excellent option for users who want to increase the efficiency of their building documentation workflows.

Existing & New Construction Mapping Analysis

Examine the structural integrity of a building or subsystem by analyzing how much it deviates from its intended surface plane.