Construction Design & Building Services

Construction Design & Building Services

High Definition Scanning | Building Project Mapping | Shop Drawings | Civil Engineering

Utilizing our powerful partnerships with all the leading OEM's, we are able to use the latest technology to accomplish any project big or small. Our large range of 3D scanners and leading edge software combined with our certified architectural surveyors makes quick work of large building projects within the construction industry. 


  • 3D Scanning Services
  • Interior & Exterior Digitization
  • Construction Documentation
  • 3D Reality Captures


  • Experienced & Certified Professionals
  • Increased Accuracy & Reduced Costs
  • Flexible & Customized Solutions
  • No Overhead Costs or Training

Digitize Building Construction Projects with Surveying

Let ECM’s wide range of scanning units and software aide in increasing your company’s success and profitability.

Intelligent Building Layouts & Mapping

One prime advantage of 3d scanning data is its dense accumulation of full scale data points, enabling one to create a digital map of any surface.

Construction Survey Drawings

When renovating an existing building, accurate shop drawings are of prime importance, yet can be time consuming to prepare.

Civil Engineering & Survey

ECM will prepare your digital model from scan data ranging from simple surface drawings to complex piping and duct delineations.

Surveying Equipment Maintenance for Construction

We calibrate theodolites, total stations and laser scanners to make sure your land surveying documentation meets the highest accuracy standards. We calibrate equipment onsite or in our ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Lab.