AEC Training & Seminars

AEC Training & Seminars

ECM provides basic and advanced training classes on topics ranging from scanner operation and setups to developing a systematic measurement approach with practical strategies and techniques. Learn from experienced, qualified engineers who provide detailed, application-based courses to suit the specific needs of each student.

Classes include exercises designed to improve skills and competencies in measurement and related areas. Training programs cover applying metrology to assembly, manufacturing and quality based jobs, along with events that occur during typical inspection jobs.

Presentations are offered to provide insight into the use of 3D laser scanning and its applications within the AEC professions. Topics include the use of scanning data to enable forensic studies of building’s surfaces providing evidence of possible structural shifts and documentation of existing conditions to a level adequate to create 3D models or replacement parts for buildings with minimal invasive measures to the fabric of the building. Examples taken from a variety of ECM’s past projects illustrate the process for creating detailed façade drawings, 3D models and animations, and use of scanning data as the basis for CNC milling of architectural ornament replication.