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Understanding The Metrology Behind The BIM

ECM brings a new standard of quality to dimensional measurement through a combination of best-in-class 3D technologies, proven metrology processes, application specific expertise and the right balance of after service support. Whether servicing small manufacturers or leading companies across a diverse range of industries, we take pride in our ability to provide comprehensive solutions to meet clients’ dimensional metrology and engineering support needs.

There are several benefits to utilizing laser scanning technology when it comes to building information modeling or management, commonly referred to as BIM. The 3D terrestrial scanners used by ECM take digital images of their surroundings while scanning points with extreme accuracy. These digital images are matched to the scan yielding a true view of the existing conditions. Three dimensional modeling and animated videos can be created to emphasize key characteristics of as-built conditions.

Architecture, construction, power generation, medicine, marine, and law enforcement are some of the industries included on the list of large volume or terrestrial laser scanning applications. Having had the opportunity to undertake scanning projects in the aforementioned industries, ECM developed the idea that laser scanning can be implemented into almost any project. When done properly, this process can produce data that will help teams better understand project conditions.

The success of ECM comes from our commitment to ensure each and every one of our customers receives the very highest quality of measurement services in a timely and professional manner.   Whether you are contracting ECM for a measurement project or renting equipment, our customers know they can expect exceptional support and unequaled metrology knowledge from ECM’s highly qualified engineers and management team.

Why Choose a Metrology Company For Your BIM Needs?

  • Our roots are in the science of measurement (Metrology) field.
  • Our Engineers are trained on the science of measurement and experienced in land surveying and building information modeling which makes ECM one of the leading metrology solution providers in the industry.
  • We know the perfect combination of 3D scanning equipment and methods to produce high quality scans in record time making your project cost-effective and efficient.
  • Our Engineers can travel on a moments notice to anywhere in the world.
  • We partner with all leading OEMs allowing us access to the top scanners in the industry.
  • Our state-of-the-art AutoDesk software used on various BIM applications is not only industry standard, but highly customizable to your specific project needs.

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