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East Coast Metrology average rating:
4.8 out of 5 based on 119 reviews.

  1. Colmar, PA

    I received timely and personal support when setting up my proctored exam with ECM. While on site the experience vastly exceeded my expectations. The team at ECM is clearly at the leading edge of measurement technology and their staff and facility reflects this.

    Reviewed: East Coast Metrology
  2. Reviewed: East Coast Metrology

  3. Newport, RI

    Reviewed: East Coast Metrology

  4. Middletown, CT

    Really great experience. I recommended an excellent rating within our internal purchasing system as well.

    Reviewed: East Coast Metrology

  5. London, CA

    It was faster than OEM. The presentation when opening the box was more than expected. Very pleased with the total experience.

  6. Phoenix, AZ

    Reviewed: East Coast Metrology
  7. We are a new calibration customer and everything about my experience with ECM was great. I would like to thank Jeremy for all of his professionalism and help for this initial experience. Everything went very smooth for a expedited first time service.

  8. Hingham, MA

    ECM took care of replacing a defective part from an OEM free of charge. The user of this piece of equipment was very happy with the services provided by ECM

    Reviewed: East Coast Metrology

  9. Foxborough, MA

    Thanks for being flexible on our requests and providing additional information.

    Reviewed: East Coast Metrology

  10. Malden, MA

    I have worked with ECM as a partner for years. I worked for an OEM of portable metrology products. I would routinely recommend ECM for contract measurement if my customers couldn't justify buying their own device, ECM never let me down coming on site to my customer in short time frames or challenging environments. I would also recommend ECM for training on our devices and our software because frankly they regularly did a better job than our own internal team! Furthermore I would also regularly reach out to the engineers at ECM for any metrology related questions as they were the best in the business!

    Reviewed: East Coast Metrology