List Your Pre-Owned Equipment with ECM

List Your Pre-Owned Metrology Equipment with ECM

Do you have a surplus of metrology equipment you no longer need? Did you just upgrade and would like to make some extra money on selling your older model? As an established, reputable A2LA Accredited Lab, ECM can help you sell your pre-owned equipment. We can host your equipment on our highly ranked website as well as advertise the equipment for sale on our social media channels. Not only will we list your equipment, but we will clean, inspect, test, and calibrate your equipment prior to sale. We also conduct a Level 1 background check on all equipment we list to confirm the equipment was not stolen or contaminated. Your equipment will be listed on our Classifieds page. You can view this page by clicking below.  

An ECM performance certification combined with a NIST traceable calibration will add value to your used systems.  Contact ECM and we will also guide you through the sale and valuation of your equipment.

ECM Classifieds

All items sold through the ECM classifieds will be performance certified and calibrated to NIST traceable standards by ECM. The seller will be responsible for the cost of this service in addition to the one time listing fee of $350. Fill out the form below and one of our sales technicians will be in touch shortly to discuss the details and cost associated with your listing.