Certified Metrology Engineers

Precision Measurement Services by Certified Metrologists

Today’s extremely accurate and super-high-speed metrology hardware and software has been a great benefit for untold numbers of organizations, with applications suitable for diverse sectors such as aerospace, medical, automotive, archaeological research and restoration, building information modeling (BIM), and many others. Although manufacturers generally have adequate tools, and staff with the metrology experience to use them, for many applications best-in-class equipment and world-class metrologists are required. That’s where metrology service providers come in. That's when ECM comes in.

Ultimately, equipment is only as good as the technicians who operate it, and it’s in this sense that metrology service companies really shine. In most cases, the professionals hired to work in this field have long years of experience operating in a variety of environments and using a great many different pieces of equipment. These technicians are generally certified (to the Coordinate Metrology Society’s Level-1 and Level-2 Certifications), which means that their skills are validated by the industry’s most complete and practical body of knowledge. ~ Gary Confalone, CEO - ECM.

ECM offers the highest standard of metrology services using laser trackers, laser scanners, portable arms, and CMMs with professional competency. Our highly-trained engineering team consistently delivers quality service solutions that are innovative and industry proven, giving our customers a competitive edge. Can you think of a project that is going to be difficult to scan and achieve the results you need? Let ECM help! Contact us today to become your invaluable resource on your next scanning project.

Experienced Measurement Technicians 

  • Our engineers are experienced with working in the most challenging of environments.
  • By the time our engineer leaves your job site, you will not only feel confident in our ability to do the work, you will actually learn from our engineer to be able to apply the same methods to a future job.
  • We partner with all of the leading equipment manufacturers in the industry. Don’t have the equipment you need to do the job? No problem, we have a wide range of metrology instruments to cover any possible scanning application we may need to accomplish the job.
  • Our engineers are not only experts in their field, they understand the challenges that come with traveling on a moment’s notice. 
  • We apply our knowledge and experience gained from numerous industries to each individual job. The additional experience we gain from each and every application is what makes our team of engineers the very best.
  • When our engineers are not out in the field, they are attending classes, seminars and other educational functions to share their expertise with the younger generation of engineers coming into the field. The STEM education initiative is extremely important to ECM.