Leica TDA5005 Total Station

Leica TDA5005 Total Station

Leica TDA5005 Total Station

Designed for industrial use, the Leica TDA5005 Total Station offers portability and large-scale coordinate measurement with high standards under a variety of conditions. The Total Station is in every industry as a large scale PCMM solution for tooling, inspection and assembly. The built-in precision distance meter, automatic target recognition and tracking capability, the TDA5005 Total Station is a one-person system that performs similar to a laser tracker.


The Leica TDA5005 Total Station provides the following features and benefits:

  • Highest angle and distance accuracy
  • Completely open and programmable software interface
  • Motorization & Automation
  • Minimal set-up time within just a few minutes
  • Wide range of accessories and targets
  • Extended specifications for environmental conditions
  • Measurement range >500 m
  • Remote control option
  • Built-In Automatic Target Recognition (ATR)

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