SMX Insight Metrology Training

Course Description

The course provides students with the necessary fundamentals of measurement with the emphasis on the application of the measurement science concepts.

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Time 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Aims & Objectives

  • Introduce measurement uncertainties relative to dimensional metrology, sources of error, and the effect of the measurement environment
  • Define the difference between measurement accuracy and measurement error and tolerance limits
  • Introduce maintaining measurement traceability and physical metrology
  • Application of measurement principles as applied to physical properties; for example, measurement of temperature (ambient and object) and monitoring scale change of the part being inspected
  • Identification of sources of error and applying techniques to minimize error
  • Quality Control and Inspection
  • Application of methodologies for analysis of the results in the inspection process
  • Solution of quality problems to the inspection process
  • Reporting methodology to ensure positive and unambiguous transfer of technical information
  • Selected examples of applications: tooling building & certification, part inspection, first article inspection, alignment, and surface profiling.

Benefits to the learner

  • The instructor will work with students to define or influence a metrology process providing controlled dimensional quality in engineering and manufacturing of an application specific to the students’ work environment carried out by using the laser tracker. 
  • Students will apply learned topics in the course to practical situations so they gain an appreciation of the nature of the work.
  • The students will work towards defining a systematic approach to establishing the correct methodology and providing a measurement based process for managing an inspection job correctly. This is done by associating the students’ knowledge of the fundamentals of measurement with the measurement science concept

Course Outline

Hardware Overview – FARO Laser Tracker

  • Basic working principles – tracking and measuring
  • Setup of the laser tracker
  • Laser tracker safety protocols
  • Handle and track the SMR

Coordinate Geometry

  • Cartesian coordinate frame
  • 2D geometry
  • 3D geometry
  • Right Hand Rule
  • Translating a coordinate frame
  • Rotating a coordinate frame
  • Spherical coordinate frame

Operational Checks and FARO CompIT

  • Assessing the operating condition and accuracy of the laser tracker
  • Compensation routines

Introduction to FARO Insight

  • FARO Insight interface
  • Gents and Sents worksheets
  • Construction of geometry entities

Measurement Accuracy – Applying Good Measuring Principles

  • Target offset
  • Effects of atmospheric conditions
  • Environmental effects
  • Targets
  • Physical changes in the part or stand
  • Angular accuracy readings
  • Measurement strategy

Feature Measurement

  • Measuring geometric features
  • Offset measured features
  • Checking the validity of the data collected

Creating Local Coordinate Frames

  • Setting up Coordinate Frames
  • Difference between Coordinate Frames
  • Transform the Constructed Coordinate Frames

Tracker Relocation

  • Move and relocate the Laser Tracker
  • Check the quality of the relocation

Measurement Exercises

  • Select Probes
  • Part Measurement – covering basic inspection of simple geometries and examining their relationships (theoretical versus actual measurement)
  • Establishing control points – using them as a reference to check drift and move the measuring device
  • Measuring the part
  • Establishing an alignment
  • Translating and adding the CAD data
  • Setting an iterative alignment
  • Constructing geometries
  • Switching between Coordinate Frame Systems
  • Moving Laser Tracker position
  • Printing and saving a report

Care of the FARO Laser Tracker System

  • How to clean the laser tracker optics
  • Optical Target Care
  • Transportation
  • Storage

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