CMS Metrology Certification and Preparatory Training: Level Two

CMS Metrology Certification and Preparatory Training: Level Two

Course Description

The objective of the CMS Level-Two Certification Course is to help prepare the student for the Level Two examination. Each class is customized to the equipment and software that the student will use during the test. The learning will be provided in the form of hands on exercises where performing measurement will be a primary focus.

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The sequel to our Level-One Certification Preparatory Course, this Level-Two Training Course is designed to assist and inform students in the topics covered within the Coordinate Measurement Society’s (CMS) Level-Two Certification for 3D Metrology. The aims and objectives of this CMS Level 2 Certification Preparatory Course are to remind the student of techniques and good practice in the use of their portable metrology equipment.  In the class, we use practical examples of how the subject may be applied to different applications.

Although it is not required to take the CMS Certification Exam after the training, ECM recommends that you register for the Exam online to begin the acceptance process.  All applicants can register by downloading the following application form. Additional costs apply for exam registration.

The course reviews the five broad areas of knowledge considered in the level two test

  • Setup equipment, select and qualify probes.
  • Instrument relocation.
  • Perform measurement and report results per dimensioned print.
  • Perform measurement and report results per GD&T requirements.
  • Perform measurement and report results against a CAD model.


CMS Level Two Assessment Matrix


Job #

Performance Assessment

% of Exam

Job 1

Set up, Compensate Probe and Perform Field Checks on an PCMM including Basic Operator Repeatability Test


Job 2

Measure Dimensions and Angle with Print


Job 3

Measure Feature Form (including Flatness, Roundness) with Print


Job 4

Measure Orientation (Parallelism, Perpendicularity) with Print with GD&T


Job 5



Job 6

Measure Position Features (6 Hole Pattern) using a Print including Alignment and Analysis in CAD, including Probe Change with Sheet Metal (Thin Section) Trim.


Job 7

Measure Profile (CAD)




Course Outline

Introduction: CMS and the Level Two Test

  • CMS brief history and mission
  • Level two check competency of equipment use

Instrument Theory of Operation and Software

Job Planning

  • Deliverable requirements
  • Instrument choice
  • Instrument locations
  • Probes and adapters
  • Sequence of Measurement

Initial Steps

  • Setup
  • Location
  • Environment
  • Stability
  • Probe Qualification
  • Calibration sticker
  • Accuracy/Precision Checks

Measurement and reporting

  • Traditional lengths and angles
  • GDT&T
  • Datum reference frames and coordinate systems
  • Tolerances of form
  • Tolerances of orientation
  • Tolerances of location
  • Simple
  • Multiple Single segment
  • Composite
  • Using CAD models (Profile)


  • Control points  number and location
  • Relocation verification checks

Student special topics

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